Bartman’s Got Nothing on Me

I’m the Chicago Cubs of bloggers—I’ve built up a decent readership, but I’ve left them saying “there’s always tomorrow. Tomorrow is our day!” as they wait for a new post. The good news? Cubs fans never seem to fail in showing up next year for each and every game. So I ask you, my readers, to keep my stands filled as I attempt to build a winning strategy. I’m going to skip the all too common apology note at the start of one of my blog posts asking readers to forgive my lack of writing over a time period. As inconsistent as I may be, like a faithful boomerang, I always find my way back—eventually.

School just brings out the worst of my inconsistency, which needless to say, is just about the opposite of what should happen. There’s just a lot to do in any given week, and it all seems to be slightly more imperative than a blog post.

To combat this problem, I’ve recently decided on a new idea in order to (hopefully) ensure an increase in blogging. With me being the type of person I am (a tad unorganized, at times), I’m thinking if I can input my blog into my weekly schedule as if it were a class, I will probably write more frequently. That said, I’ll never be one to win an award for my class attendance, so I’ll make no promises.

I suppose I should catch you up on where I’ve been the last month or so, so here are a few quick notes on my life:

  • I recently checked my eharmony account again, and found that I still have an abundance of matches (153 to be specific). I reiterate my previous point that this site is an excellent alternative to therapy. Better yet, there are even several girls that have requested more communication with me, but I’m playing hard to get.
  • People have been asking, so I feel obliged to provide an update on my diet. I’ve lost 45 pounds to date and eat healthy foods. I don’t know which is more shocking.
  • So little that is funny or interesting has happened over the past month or so, I don’t know what I would’ve even written about. I’m looking for a way to incorporate the random interesting or weird thoughts I have into my blog, so look for a new segment to enter into the blog in the next week or so.
  • I found out my first grade teacher now writes a blog called Bitches in the Burbs. Yes, my first grade teacher. At first, I laughed—this is the woman who I could probably credit with teaching me how to write in the first place. She tutored me for a couple years while I was young because some were convinced I was stupid. Yes, they knew that early what was to come. I still remember how she used to let me into the teachers’ lounge and buy a snack from the vending machine after school, and then I would write stories about dinosaurs with her as she insisted I keep my letters within the lines. Now, she writes as part of a team of women writing a fairly vulgar but extremely funny blog, which by the way, seems to be a fairly accurate representation of how life in the suburbs can be at times. Students often wonder if teachers have lives outside of the classroom—well, wonder no more. Check out the link, I’m sure you’ll enjoy, too.
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One Response to Bartman’s Got Nothing on Me

  1. btchygirl says:

    Love your blog Jordy. Thanks for the shout out. I had tears in my eys when reading your post. I can’t believe how long ago that was. You are an amazing writer, and that has nothing to do with me, it’s all you! Congrats on 45 lbs, wow, that’s awesome! Keep writing and enoying your life!